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The White Knight� Microbial Inoculator/Generator

We do in the septic tank what nature does in the woods!

In nature, oxygen-using (aerobic) bacteria in the soil consume non-living organic material. This is the process nature uses to "recycle" wastes. We install the White Knight� Microbial Inoculator/Generator in the septic tank to create an oxygen rich environment and cultivate an extensive colony of these same soil bacteria.

The result is nearly complete consumption of the organic materials entering the leach field. At the same time, the bacteria are carried into the leach field where they consume the organic material that has accumulated in the underlying soil. The leach field regains and/or maintains its capacity to deliver effluent to the soil for purification.

The White Knight� Microbial Inoculator/Generator can be used to:

Protect leach fields from ever biologically failing

Improve the function of marginally operating leach fields

Restore the function of totally failed leach fields
Improve the quality of effluent returning to the soil and ground water
Reduce the amount of nitrate moving into the environment
Reduce the size of a leach field required for new building construction
Expand the size of existing structures without expanding the leach field.

The White Knight� advantage include:

An installation costs thousands of dollars less than that of a replacement leach field

Minimal disruption to existing landscape

Protection of the environment
Significantly longer tank pumping interval
Conservation of natural resources
100% component and limited lifetime performance warranty

We would like to provide you with more information!

We would appreciate the opportunity to explain in more detail how the White Knight� Microbial Inoculator/Generator can help keep your septic system functioning indefinitely. Please contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and assessment of your septic system.


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